Almuntazar University of Islamic Studies
"Seeking knowledge is an obligation in all conditions."
Imam Sadiq (a.s.)
Basaer al Darajaat vol. 1 pg. 3


Respected Maulana Sayed Ahmed Ali Abedi

Respected Islamic Scholar Syed Ahmed Ali Abidi He is also the representative of His Excellency Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayed Ali Husaini Seestaani and other Maraaje. He is also the Principal of Jamiya Imam Ameerul Momeneen (a.s.) since 1988 in Mumbai and Imam e Juma of the main of mosque in Mumbai. He is the General Secretary of Supreme Council of Ulema and Khotaba (India) and the Vice President of All India Ulema Council.

His education includes an MA from Lucknow University. It was followed by higher education in Islamic Studies from Najaf e Ashraf, Iraq and from the holy city of Qum, Iran. His past assignments include being the Vice Principal of Vasika Arabic College, Faizabad. He is a prolific writer and has contributed in propagation of Islam through speeches, books, training and guidance of other scholars for the same.

Convinced that technology is a great enabler in propagation of right message, Respected Aghae Abidi conceptualized the Al Muntazar Online University of Islamic studies.

Dr. Shabeeb Rizvi

Dr. Shabeeb Rizvi is an Indian Islamic Scholar. A business man by profession, Dr Rizvi has devoted a major part of his life to Islamic studies. His command over Arabic, Persian, English and Urdu has given him the required access to source books related to Islamic literature, faith, Quranic interpretations and many other topics. Dr Rizvi has delivered lectures on various aspects of Islam in above languages. Some of his lectures can be viewed on His works range from the basics of Islam to comparative religion and beyond.

He has written, translated and commented on over 50 published books on various Islamic topics. He has also edited and published many books. Dr Rizvi’s understanding of adolescence psychology and comprehensive understanding of Islamic approach to knowledge makes him best placed to define the Islamic course curriculum for this age group.

Prof Sadiq Merchant

Professor Merchant a double graduate from Mumbai University has spent 20 years in education industry. A professor of Chemistry, Prof. Merchant has also contributed in multiple ways to the growth of institutions and has devised innovative ways and methodology with positive outcome. Professor Merchant acquired Islamic knowledge from various learned scholars and invested efforts in research of Islamic studies.

Professor Merchant is a regular speaker at Islamic events and contributed with writings in journals. His major contribution is a simplified course for learning Quran for beginners.